Custom Imprints


SCHOOL PRIDE . . . Bring it!

Show your School Pride with Custom Imprint Merchandise.

Custom school products have the potential to raise thousands of fundraising dollars for your school. School Backpacks or Pocket Folders can be imprinted with your school name and mascot.  These are just 2 of the many items available for custom imprinting.    


Classroom PRIDE - Recognize & Reward with Positive Message Imprints.

 Custom School products are great for recognizing outstanding student effort.  Reward hard working students with an aluminum Dog Tag that reads “Honor Student” or “Perfect Attendance”.   Imprint a fun Zippy Clip with motivational phrases like “Awesome Reader” or “Math  Whiz”.   Students will be proud to wear their dog tag or attach a zippy clip to a backpack, duffle bag or jacket! 

Don’t forget Parent PRIDE! Moms & Dads will gladly display a school Bumper Sticker that reads “My Child is an Honor Student at Jefferson Elementary”.  Our bumper stickers are easy to apply and best of all; they’re removable!

Turn a Custom Imprint Product into a Fabulous School Fundraiser:

Backpack Fundraising potential: over $6,000  Water Bottle Fundraising potential: over $4,000  Lanyard Fundraising potential:  over $3,700  Dog Tag Fundraising potential: over $3,100  Zippy Clip Fundraising potential: over $3,200  Bumper Sticker Fundraising potential: over $3,100





Order Online or Call Toll Free:

HOW TO ORDER our Custom Imprinted Products 

We represent over 9,000 manufacturers. Our goal is to produce the best quality product while maintaining the best cost to you.

*** TO ORDER ***

1. Custom Imprint products are easy to order online.  Be sure to fill out all the required information in the Product Options Tab. You can also call 800-426-6351 and talk to one of our friendly operators from 6 AM to 4 PM (Pacific Coast Time).

Please supply us with:

Item Color & Imprint Color
Mascot or Logo if Desired
Time factor (in-hand date)
Your Email or Fax # for art approval

2.  Custom Imprint orders will not be processed until we receive your approval.  A copy of the artwork for your custom imprint item will be emailed or faxed.  Please reply with your approval or changes.

3. Production usually takes 2 to 3 weeks (from the date we receive your approval) however; some items require a longer production time.
Please let us know in advance if your order is time-critical.

PLEASE NOTE: Returns on custom imprint items for defective merchandise only.

Prices shown are in US dollars. Canadian customers terms: Credit card orders only