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Top Selling School Supplies for Your School Store

In order to have constant income flowing into your school store, you will need to keep the most popular school supplies in stock at all times. Student shoppers will frequent the school store when they need to replenish supplies or when they see something new and exciting offered!

Customized pencils will be one of the largest sellers at your school store. Students Pencils are frequently lost or broken and being able to replace them at any time of day is important. Custom pencils can be designed in school colors and with the school mascot imprinted on them. For those students who feel that a regular pencil isn’t the best writing tool, customized mechanical pencils will be big sellers as well. Both types of pencils can be customized in school colors, with different images and sayings on each. These customized products are exclusive items for your school store.

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Magnetic Locker Accessories for the Stylish yet Functional School Locker

A school locker should be both stylish and functional. Students of all ages want their school lockers to be cool and visually appealing. Bright colors can really spruce up a locker! Magnetic locker accessories are one way to brighten up a drab locker and organize space at the same time.

Magnetic locker cups, mirrors and dry erase boards allow students to make use of the inside of their locker doors. A basic school locker can be transformed into a functional space with the right accessories.

The most simplistic accessory for the inside of a locker is the locker magnet. These are simple locker magnets that come in a variety of colors. They can be used to hang papers, pictures, and other items on any flat surface of the locker. These magnets are stylish and much more interesting than using adhesive tape to hang with.

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Popular School Supplies for Back to School

Teachers are ready to meet their new students and start teaching. The lockers are ready to be filled with backpacks. The principal is excited to kickoff a new school year. Everything is ready for the children to return from summer break, but is your school store filled with school supplies? Have you stocked the shelves with merchandise kids will need to buy when they hit the halls? If not, right now is the time to get these popular school supplies and put your school store in the back to school spirit. You can place your order now and have it delivered whenever you like.  You won’t be billed until your order ships.

You cannot have a proper back to school launch without an assortment of writing utensils.  After all, students are required to bring pencils to class, right? Many students may not have the cash in hand to purchase t-shirts and other higher priced items in your store, but the majority will stop in for a pencil or a highlighter when they are in need. If you can supply these things, then you can do big business with these small essentials.

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Payment processing in your school store. Part 2

In part one we discussed the Big Daddy of credit card processing; merchant accounts. There was a time when we lived in a single alternative world. That time is no more. Today the alternatives they are aplenty, and have seriously taken a big slice of the pie. One of those alternatives is PayPal.

The biggest advantage to PayPal as a processing service for accepting credit cards is simplicity. The account is simple to setup, simple to administer, and simple to use. The criteria necessary to qualify for an account are also set at a much lower threshold than that of merchant accounts. Basically, anybody can setup a PayPal account.

There are three types of accounts available through PayPal; Personal, Premiere, and Business. You can ignore the first option, as a Personal account cannot be used to process payments. It is strictly a “play” account. That leaves Premiere and Business. Either can be used to process payments for your school store. Which you choose is a matter of needs and personal preference.

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Custom School Backpacks for Your School Store

With school budgets being tight, fundraising is a common way to make extra money. Fundraising opportunities exist everywhere, and are frequently stressed as a means for providing extra money to a school system. If your school has its own school store, consider adding custom school backpacks to your array of products.

The school store is an excellent way to earn extra money for school. Products sold in the school store are often found nowhere else. A school that promotes school pride will have students eager to display their school colors on anything imaginable. With such customized items as nylon drawstring backpacks or zippered pencil pouches, your school store can help meet fundraising goals.

Drawstring backpacks are an excellent fundraising opportunity for school. These bags are small and lightweight. They’re easy to open and close. They’re tough and can hold many schools supplies.  It’s the perfect bag for gym clothes! Students can use it as a second backpack for those schools that have “A” & “B” day class schedules.

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Pre Packaged School Supplies; the Perfect "Back to School" School Fundraiser

Acquiring school supplies for back to school can be a major headache for parents and schools.  Typically a parent will have to shop several stores to get everything on a class room supply list.  Schools collect and distribute up-to-date supply lists containing all the information for individual teachers to all the area stores which can become problematic. Some schools even order school supplies in bulk and then have to sort everything out and manufacture their own.

School supply packs will reduce the headache and hassle for parents and schools.  Every school has a tight budget. When used correctly, school supply packs can be your smart “Back to School” school fundraising choice.

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Custom School Backpacks are a Great School Fundraiser

Selling school backpacks as a school fundraiser is a great way to generate some funding for your school. Most students use a backpack everyday.  They carry all kinds of personal belongings including school supplies and gym clothes. Parents will be more willing to purchase a custom school backpack for their child.

As a school fundraiser, it’s a good idea to offer backpacks unique to your school that are cost effective an offer quality and durability. Drawstring backpacks are simple to use; there are no zippers; only a drawstring to cinch the pack closed. They’re attractive as they are imprinted with your school name and mascot.  Best of all, the price is very competitive.

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School Dog Tags Build School Spirit

Custom Imprinted dog tags can become an amazing school fundraiser if properly advertised to students. School dog tags can be sold in the school store, offered as a fundraiser for certain events, and even given away as an award.

Get school spirit going with school dog tags.  The best selling school dog tags are usually very basic; an aluminum tag imprinted with the school’s name and mascot.  Change up the design from time to time to get students excited about collecting all their school dog tags.  Dog tags for are available in many colors. The most common colors are silver and gold. Designs are custom made by the school.  The name of the school can be printed across the top or bottom of the mascot or in a circle surrounding the mascot. There is also the option of a multi-color imprint.

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School Stores and Websites

Part One

Does your school store have a web presence? If you run a centralized store in a larger school district, it may be something for you to consider. Even if you aren’t in a larger district, you may also want to consider it as a way to expand your customer base. Plenty of organizations outside your school could use your school supply products and your expertise.

In the early days of the Internet an eCommerce web presence was a complicated and costly undertaking. There were few alternatives for shopping cart software and they were all commercial products. Facing very little competition in the marketplace, they could get away with charging whatever they wanted.

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